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  1. 1

    First post

    Make a post somewhere on the site to receive this.
  2. 1

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday from NulledLeaks, have an awesome day!
  3. 1

    Welcome to NulledLeaks

    Nice! You made it! You registered on NulledLeaks, we give you this trophy as a welcome!
  4. 1

    It's an upload!

    You have uploaded your first resource, congratz!
  5. 2

    Somebody likes you

    Somebody liked one of your posts. Keep posting like that for more!
  6. 2

    Establishing Yourself

    Add your own avatar in account settings to get this.
  7. 3

    Registered for at least a month

    Wow, the time has gone quickly, thanks for being part of NulledLeaks.
  8. 3

    You got promoted BABY!!!

    Yeah man, you got a promo! Welcome to the mod squad!
  9. 3

    You're a popular null

    Your profile has been viewed over 100 times, so popular you are.
  10. 4

    NulledLeaks Valued Member

    You have been verified as a NulledLeaks valued and trusted member.
  11. 4

    Nulled Inviter

    You successfully invited someone to NulledLeaks.
  12. 5

    Keeps coming back

    Made at least 30 posts. You must like it here!
  13. 5

    New Uploader!

    You have uploaded 10 resources to NulledLeaks, keep them coming!
  14. 5

    Somebody really likes you

    Somebody liked five of your posts. Keep posting like that for more!
  15. 5

    Your on a roll!

    Your pretty popular around here, aren't you? here are another 5 points on us.
  16. 5

    Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am

    Lol, you have joined the 69 club baby! yeah, you have been a member for 69 days!
  17. 6

    Registered for 6 months

    Wow, how time flies, thanks for being part of NulledLeaks.
  18. 6

    Your NULLED!

    Yup, that's right, you got Nulled! your username contains the word (Null).
  19. 8

    Time is nothing

    Time is nothing when you are having fun, you just reached 10hrs here on NulledLeaks!
  20. 10

    Can't stop!

    You've made 100 posts. I hope this took you more than a day!
  21. 10

    I like it a lot

    Your posts have been liked 25 times.
  22. 12

    Registered for a year!!!

    You really are something, thank you so much for being part of NulledLeaks.
  23. 12

    Your life belongs to us!

    You have spent a whopping 50hrs on NulledLeaks!
  24. 15

    Seriously likeable!

    The content you have posted has attracted a positive score of 100.
  25. 15

    Experienced Uploader!

    You have uploaded 50 resources to NulledLeaks, you are starting to make waves!
  26. 20


    1,000 posts? Impressive!
  27. 20

    Can't get enough of your stuff

    Your content has been liked 250 times.
  28. 20

    Do you have a life?

    Your life sucks, you just spend it all here on NulledLeaks! LOSER!!! ;)
  29. 25

    Legendary Uploader!

    You have uploaded 100 resources to NulledLeaks, you truly are a legend!
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