• Attention - An account is no longer required to download files from our site, however if you wish to use the forums for mod support,
    adding resources, reviews and comments, etc. Then you will have to make an account to do so.


All of the site changes/fixes are logged here.



  • Changed the forum statistics to a newer + better system.
  • Changed the main layout of the front page.
  • Changed user dropdown to be more compact.
  • Changed click to expand to be expanded by default.
  • Changed editor layout to be more simple.
  • Changed sticky and normal threads layout.
  • Added a new donation/crowdfund system.
  • Added new logo and ICO icon for the site.
  • Added new warning on signup about dupe accounts.
  • Added discord widget for our new NL Trading discord server.
  • Added new tabbed info display above resources.
  • Added resource statistics on the resources main page.
  • Added better and more nicer profile layout.
  • Added new coupon system for account upgrades.
  • Added donate button to resource pages.
  • Added trending widget to resources replacing top resources.
  • Added conversation folders for conversations (staff only for now).
  • Added more fontawesome icons around the site.
  • Added #tag extension on threads/posts.
  • Added new default avatar with our new logo.
  • Added crypto currency to the payment profiles.
  • Added a better search system to the whole site.


  • Removed some forums which were not being used.
  • Removed top resources widget replaced by trending.
  • Removed trade ticket system.
  • Removed file extension & size to resourse pages.


  • Working on a credit system still.



  • Added custom dark & light theme.
  • Added google adscence and adblocker.
  • Added signup duplicate account system.
  • Added avatar on registration.
  • Added post captcha for certain groups.
  • Added account upgrades & custom groups.
  • Added time spent online.
  • Added file extension & size to resourse pages.
  • Added member self delete.
  • Added trade center.


  • Fixed external link redirect warning notice.
  • Fixed external server error notice on friendly URLs.

IMPROVED (also minor changes)

  • Improved the light theme is still a WIP and still in need of feedback.
  • Improved rearanged the forums to be more easier to work with.


  • Removed custom node icons replaced with fontawesome.
  • Removed redm & minecraft sections until further notice.


  • Working on a credit system.
  • Published
    Sep 28, 2021
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