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Info Reasons You Can Get Banned or Rejected!?!


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Sep 4, 2021
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It is a daily occurrence now that (new) and (old) accounts are being banned for many stupid reasons and so I have decided to make this thread as it's unbelievable just how many people are ignoring the warnings upon registering on our site.

1. Rejection - You will be rejected for a number of reasons, such as using a VPN on registering, it will give you a suspicious IP, and then our system will automatically reject you. Using an unknown email domain is another one, if you use temporary email domains, school/university domains, or such that are not well known then again you will be rejected by the system.

2. Suspicious IP - This is another one that many of you think you can get by when having your account rejected and/or being banned previously, our system works on a math system from 0.0 to 0.1000, and if your IP is over anything such as 0.100+ you will be rejected as explained in number (1).

3. Multiple Accounts - Again our system will detect you 95% of the time though now we have enabled manual account approvals which means EVERY account is held in moderation until manually approved by a member of staff, there is almost no way to get by the system, then be manually approved by a human, so DON'T do it! There is about a 0.00001% chance you will succeed.

4. Leecher Accounts - It is a clear fact that MANY of you are f*cking leechers! unfortunately, this is the world we live in, none of you give a sh*t about giving, you just take files then f*ck off. But what pisses us off the most is that when you come back for more you forget the login credentials of your previous account and then go on to make a duplicate account which then automatically bans you! I am pretty sure now that many of you don't know that there is a (forgot password) option where you can reset your account? DO THAT instead of making multiple accounts!

5. Warnings & Support - Upon registering an account on our site, there are multiple warnings about using VPNs, temp email addresses, and/or creating multiple accounts! YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!


You even have to confirm that you understand the warning to proceed with making the account, those who do that and ignore it are seriously f*cking dumb! But here is the thing, SOME of those who do it then come begging for support via our (contact form) AFTER you ignored the previous f*cking warnings! well NO, we will not offer support to you if you ignore the warnings upon signing up, don't even bother to contact us, you are/will be banned no matter your crying or fake innocence.

IF you feel you have been rejected for the wrong reason(s) then CONTACT US via the (Contact Form) and we will gladly help you with your problem, BUT do not bother coming to us with lies, upon investigating the problem we will see exactly the truth to why you were rejected!

One final thing - Please understand that when making a new account you will have to wait up to 24hrs for it to be approved, DO NOT be impatient and make another account thinking you will get done quicker because you won't! Also, DO NOT contact us via the contact form and/or Discord asking for us to approve you because that will just add another 24hrs to your waiting time! Be patient, we all have real lives just as you do.

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